Introduce the world of new technologies and trades to your child

Together towards the era of robots!

The «RoboCode» School of Programming and Robotics

Has been operating in Ukraine since 2016 and is a leading company in the educational services of robotics and programming market


We carry out the comprehensive training on robotics, programming and project-based thinking of children aged
from 8 to 15 years old.

In three years we have created a strong network of schools

Learn everything about the company in video
4 countries
8,000 students
85 schools

We make learning as effective as possible for a child

Pareto principle

80% of the lesson is a practice where each student is responsible for the result and works with a personal set (laptop and robot).


Every student here sees the working result of the created code. This is where the motivation and programming understanding comes from. The program doesn’t exist somewhere in the computer. It works and the robot performs some actions.

One lesson – one device

At the end of the lesson, each student will have a though easy but the working device (for example, an alarm, parking sensor or something else interesting and useful). This motivates to complete the program to the end.

Horizontal accountability

By the end of the lesson children always see who brought the device into operation and who should try a bit more. This increases the motivation and desire for knowledge of every child

From 2 to 12

There is a maximum of 12 children per group, so one teacher manages to pay attention to each student and his or her project (program, scheme) during the practical part of the lesson (which is more than an hour).


We see the point of learning correctly at once, providing terminology, and material for older groups in English as well


Participation in international and all-Ukrainian competitions

Completing missed classes

Completing missed classes online and consulting

Training programs

All programs have a progressive level of difficulty. The student chooses one of 3 areas: embedded programming, software development, game development. Each direction consists of 4-5 courses. That is, after 4-5 years, he has a strong knowledge base in the chosen field.

Результати пошуку:

Start 1.0 Robotics S4A (8-10 years)

from 8 years

  • Designing the robots
  • Electronic components
  • Programming

Your child will acquaint with both exciting complex world of technologies: robotics and programming.



from 10 years

  • Designing the robots
  • Electronic components
  • Programming

Children will learn how to work with the Arduino platform, write software on Android, learn the basics of digital circuits and algorithms.


from 9 years

  • Designing the robots
  • Electronic components
  • Programming
With this course, by the end of the year, the student will be able to design a device scheme with 5-6 sensors and program their work in C ++.

Робототехніка MiddleRobo 1.0

from 10 years

  • Designing the robots
  • Electronic components
  • Programming
This course aims to apply the material learned and the skills learned in the Start 1.0 and Start 2.0 courses to real projects.

Рro 1.0 Robotics Arduino C ++ 2.0 (12-16 years)

from 12 years

  • Designing the robots
  • Electronic components
  • Programming

Creating a server for a smart house. Deep practical study of the laws of physics, electrostatics, and electrodynamics.

Рro 2.0 Robotics Arduino C ++ 2.0 (12-16 years)

from 12 years

  • Designing the robots
  • Electronic components
  • Programming

Creating printed circuit boards for ready-made devices, which allows further to develop personal projects from A to Z after completing this course.

Basic Game Development with Construct 2

from 8 years

  • Programming
  • Game development
  • Algorithmization

During the year of study, children will understand how games work and will learn to design incredible worlds with their own rules.

Game Development with Unity. Part 1. 2D Games

from 11 years

  • Programming
  • Game development
  • Algorithmization

Children will learn how to design and create games on the popular Unity 3D engine, which is actively used by Blizzard, EA, and Ubisoft

JAVA. Level 1

from 11 years

  • Programming
  • Algorithmization
  • Software development

Your child will pass the interesting creative way from basic knowledge and syntax of Java to OOP.

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More information

Using the latest technologies and experience of the world’s leading universities, our Research & Development Department is actively working on the creation:

of game, service, training robots and education programs as well. Separately we are developing an area of Game Development,

where children learn how to create their virtual worlds, by reviewing popular game engines. One of the learning methods for children is to involve them in this activity.

Robotic systems LEO 6 gold
Robotic systems LEO 6 blue
Robotic systems LEO 6 violet
Robotic systems QUANT
Robotic systems FERMI


What is the duration of one lesson?

1 hour 50 mins

What if a child misses the tuition?

Parents should warn that their child will be absent, and also about possibly missed classes (treatment, vacation, etc.), otherwise the service is considered to be provided and the possibility of working off is not foreseen.

How many times a week are the training held?

Once per week

How to obtain a missed lesson?

Obtaining is going on online, using prepared video materials. Counseling hours with tutors are provided for courses where online training is not possible.

How long does a training course take for a child?

The training course lasts for 9 months - from September until May.

Who carries out the lessons?

-Programmers/ Engineers -Systematic pedagogical and robotics training -Harvard’s CS-50 Programming Course -Masters of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Shevchenko University or National Aviation University

Is it necessary to adhere to recommended age for studying at a certain course?

It’s necessary to adhere to the recommended age. This is because the essence of lessons is not only about programming, but the study of scientific concepts, terms, phenomena, principles of mechanism actions, gaining general knowledge and making calculations. Children of a younger age may have difficulties with understanding. They may lose interest in learning and feel uncomfortable among children of the above age.

How do I know about the next payment date?

The administrator can remind about the payment by SMS, as well as the parents have independently control payments on their prepayment receipt on membership or through the student's personal account in the CRM system.

If we know the timetable for a child of a certain age, can we attend the training in any suitable group without a warning?

Classes are for children by appointment only.

What is the schedule during vacation, on the New Year, Easter, May holidays or other?

All information about school timetables during the holidays is posted on the bulletin board or website. Parents are also informed by administrator orally (or via SMS, if the need arose).

Can parents attend the training?

Parents are allowed to attend classes only at open lessons designated by the teacher.

How is tuition paid?

Payment should be made in advance, for a minimum of 4 lessons and membership only. You can also pay a semester or annual membership at a special price. Payment for 1 lesson is not allowed! The tuition is paid whether the child attends the lesson or not. At arrears for more than 2 lessons, children are not permitted and their place in the group is not saved.

How can we monitor the success of our child’s education?

The RoboCode schools have a unique opportunity to provide access to your child's e-mail account, which will publish information about test results, topics and class schedule, workout schedule, and account balance. Additionally, you will always be able to come to the auditorium after the lesson and talk with your teacher or administrator.

Will our child receive the certification of the education completion at your school?

Yes, our students receive the certificates about the completion of the school year, as well as diplomas of participation in Hackathon practical semester projects and various Olympiads.

Is it possible that training is canceled or rescheduled?

Cancellations and postponement of classes may be allowed in an emergency (de-energization, bad weather conditions, quarantine, etc.). In this case, the administrator is obliged to warn about cancellation (no charge for a lesson) or postponement of the lesson.



12 years old

I started taking the Unity course at RoboCode school. The course was long and interesting but was remembered by its teachers. These are people who probably sleep 3 hours a day and are always ready to answer even the most dummy questions. I think this is a course for those who want to realize their dream and not just spend some time. I was choosing a course for a long time and eventually draw attention to the Pro course, where I can do what I like. Of course, I’m not bragging, but after a short training, I was able to go with like-minded guys to the robotics Olympiad in Tallinn.

Iryna Minaylova


Really good school. The most up-to-date and creative topics with an individual approach to children. We are very happy!



My son attended a summer camp at Lavruhina Street and was veery happy with it. He enthusiastically talked about the project he was working on. I liked that the program included excursions and even cinema outgoing. Special thanks to the teachers-curators Vlad and Igor. Looking forward to starting classes.



My child attends classes with great pleasure. The lessons involve both physics and programming. At the end of the year, I saw that my son programmed the robot, how he freely talk about the circuit boards and other technical details. I understand thus that he finds this training really useful and interesting.

Nataliia Kovtunenko


Thank you for the wonderful training project! Here’s everything aimed with an individual approach for kids – both learning and summer leisure! Everything managed with heart! And most importantly, kids are willing to run to you! This is exactly what we, as parents, are grateful to you!