Why is an important project design? Why do we want children to be able to create work patterns and their own projects? Why do we run RoboCode Hackathone?

During the RoboCode Hackathon (Project RoboCode Hackaton), we saw how much more effective learning becomes when children start to create when they feel free when they realize that they are key when they make decisions and take responsibility.

We saw that children have really cool ideas, they can implement them, learn to work in a team, ask interesting questions and seek new knowledge!

And most importantly, they learn to bring the matter to the end - they achieve their goals!

Purposes RoboCode Hackathon:

  1. The development of our students' thinking of creating products - creativity, understanding of the needs and / or problems of society.
  2. Testing of knowledge and their application in real conditions.
  3. Skills development: work in a team, creating a project plan, assigning tasks, presenting a product, etc.
  4. Creating motivation for lessons in programming and robotics.
  5. Letting students feel the taste of victory that they can do something on their own and to the end!

Here's an example of creating a new product: Waze - a navigation system.

In 2008, modern (at that time) road navigation systems showed a better way with satellites (current location and destination), based only on experience, that is, they chose theoretically the best route. But the drivers wanted to know more: What is the current situation on the road?

As soon as the smartphones Ehud Shabtai, Uri Levine, and Amir Shinar were founded Waze. Their ingenious idea was to turn all smartphones into motion sensors that would show the state of the road in real time. That is, they sent the location and speed information to the server.

Waze instantly made it possible for all drivers to ride the fastest and most convenient ways, avoiding traffic jams and congestion.

What conclusion can be made from this for training?

  1. Waze has not made any scientific discovery.
  2. The founders of the company mix up several inventions - digital maps, GPS satellites, social networks and motion and speed sensors.
  3. Creativity and understanding of human needs is more important than scientific achievement when creating a new product.
  4. In 2013, Google acquired Waze for $ 1.1 billion.

Our children can be more!


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